Seriously, Mr. President…WTF? (The Value of Getting Angry)

By the do you feel about religion? I figured...since I was launching this thing about politics (which we all know we aren't supposed to do), I might as well cover my bases and give religion a solid mention. The irony is that I JUST wrote a blog about being discerning about reading the news. … Continue reading Seriously, Mr. President…WTF? (The Value of Getting Angry)

The Waiting Game

Have you ever gotten an action photo taken? You know the decide you want a picture of yourself in mid-air? Or mid-run? Or mid...whatever? It’s oddly satisfying when you get it just right. There you are, captured in a photo that is paradoxically static... and always in movement. To look upon it conjures a … Continue reading The Waiting Game

The Power of Intimacy

I got a text from a friend, the other day. that I think about it..."Friend" is probably not precisely the right word for what he means to me. I don't think the English language has a word adequate enough to encompass it. Some people reach territory in our heart space that leave us breathless … Continue reading The Power of Intimacy

What is the Right Amount of News?

I’m a health coach, by trade. I live and breathe the stuff.  When I wake up in the morning, I begin by removing my pink eye mask and my earplugs. That is to say, I sleep like a damned high-maintenance princess.  I roll out of bed and pull up a yoga exercise video. I get … Continue reading What is the Right Amount of News?