Friction (noun): The resistance one surface or object encounters when moving over another. Friction (noun) : Conflict or animosity caused by a clash of wills, temperaments, or opinions. I work in the realm of health and naturally I spend time with other health and wellness professionals (us hooey people gots to stick together). And … Continue reading Friction

The Waiting Game

Have you ever gotten an action photo taken? You know the decide you want a picture of yourself in mid-air? Or mid-run? Or mid...whatever? It’s oddly satisfying when you get it just right. There you are, captured in a photo that is paradoxically static... and always in movement. To look upon it conjures a … Continue reading The Waiting Game

It’s Both And…Not Either Or

I don't know whether this is a uniquely American problem...or if it's more of a universal human problem...but it's amazing to me just how many people fall into the either-or trap. You are either happy in your relationship, or you are not. You are either grateful, or you are striving for more. You are either … Continue reading It’s Both And…Not Either Or


Meet Remi: I have the good fortune to be living with two exceptional roommates: Remi (my dog) and Sasha (my cat).  Remi is a rescue pup. I adopted her when she was just 2 months old. When I filled out the paperwork, the breed section read: chocolate lab and Aussie shepherd. What her paperwork SHOULD … Continue reading Wait…

The Next Best Move:

We Are Living in a Satirical Movie, Right? Is This REAL? I don't know if you are feeling this way, but I kinda feel like we are living in a satirical version of a science fiction thriller. Mel Brooks was a genius with this. A blockbuster video would come out and he'd get to work … Continue reading The Next Best Move:

The Times They Are A-Changin’

As I write this, it's December 31st, 2019. This transition feels especially auspicious as it marks the dawn of a new year, a new decade, and an American election. It's enough to make me want to cross my fingers and hope we individually and collectively leap in a positive direction (it being leap year and all) and … Continue reading The Times They Are A-Changin’


Dear Fellow Health Nuts... When I say the word "healthy," what comes to mind for you? When I give presentations in the community, the most common answers I get to that question include: Eat plenty of vegetables Exercise Drink water Avoid junk food Meditate Get enough sleep Manage your weight Rarely, if ever, does anyone … Continue reading Loneliness

Show Me the Data…

You Gotta Love Science I am utterly enamored with science. Or...maybe it would be better to say that I love the spirit of the scientific process. Think about it. It's basically a process devoted to curiosity and exploration (and just try to convince me that curiosity and exploration aren't worthwhile. I dare you). First: you have a … Continue reading Show Me the Data…

I Dare You to Love Me…(On Being a Sensation Seeking HSP in Love)

I've always been suspicious of the idea of a "soulmate." I mean...seriously? One person who will meet all your needs forever? And if you don't find said person, you are doomed to loneliness and the feeling of being incomplete? Hmmmm... But I've come around. It turns out, I do have a soulmate. It's solitude. That doesn't … Continue reading I Dare You to Love Me…(On Being a Sensation Seeking HSP in Love)

Healing: The Story Behind All the Data

I have been struggling, lately, with what I have so far seen as a dichotomous conflict between the importance of hard facts and the enigmatic power of our stories. When it comes to the process of important is data in its own right? And at what point should we shift gears and look, instead, at … Continue reading Healing: The Story Behind All the Data

The Here and “Ow!”: What it REALLY Means to be “Healthy”

If there is one thing that continues to surprise me about the health industry (or...maybe it doesn't) it is the ferocity with which it sells a lie. The lie health enthusiasts try to sell is this: If you follow the rules, you will be happy. If you follow the rules, you will no longer be in … Continue reading The Here and “Ow!”: What it REALLY Means to be “Healthy”