I am sure you have spent a lifetime figuring out how to survive in this world as a highly sensitive person. You have probably figured out how to….

  • Push through and get to work, even when you’re exhausted.
  • Network and develop a career for yourself, even though you hate small talk
  • Hold everyone else around you up, even when you’re struggling not to fall

Sure, you’d love to…

  • Lose weight
  • Feel at-ease in your surroundings
  • Feel connected with people who understand you
  • Feel like you have purpose in your life

But what you don’t know is…

  • How to create health practices in the midst of an already full schedule
  • How to live big and make a difference in the world – without feeling exhausted
  • How to stay connected in your relationships and take care of yourself
  • How feel at-ease in your surroundings, and engaged in it at the same time.

So I would really love to help by…

  • Working with you to develop a wellness plan and get your vitality back.
  • Providing accountability, organization and support to keep you on plan.
  • Contributing tools and resources for developing a long-term vision for your life.
  • A copilot, and coach to partner with you on the journey toward that vision.
  • Connecting you with a larger community of like-minded highly sensitives

As a certified nutrition professional and coach, I know how to balance between offering enough structure and information to help you move forward…but while still keeping you in the driver’s seat. The real wisdom is inside you. My job is just to provide the space and ask the right questions to bring it to the forefront.

Sounds interesting! How can I find out more?