Dear Highly Sensitive Superheroes

We both know you have a calling. You were meant to…

  • Write the next  best selling novel
  • Launch your own coaching practice
  • Build that non-profit organization for those you KNOW need your help
  • Travel the world…backpacking style
  • Run that marathon you’ve always wanted to run

Now if you could just figure out a way to do that without feeling like an over-dried sponge…because you also want to…

  • Feel at ease throughout the day
  • Be able to manage your weight effectively
  • Get to sleep every night
  • Feel energized when you wake up
  • Have rewarding relationships

YES! Exactly! How do I do that?


Leah Burkhart (an HSP and introvert) is a blogger, a podcaster, a health educator and wellness coach. She helps fellow HSP’s cultivate robust health, rewarding relationships, inspired work, financial security and plain old fashioned contentment. In short, Leah aims to help HSP pursue their capital “P” purpose…without getting wiped out in the process.