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Hi…I’m Leah Burkhart. I’m an HSP,  an introvert, a writer, a podcaster, a wellness coach, and a giant goofball.

I grew up thinking that I was a kind of alien. On the one hand, I have always been affectionate. I enjoy the company of people I feel comfortable with. But I never seemed to get as much joy out of every-day recreational activities as most others did. I didn’t love sleepovers or slumber parties as a kid. If I’m being honest, I didn’t really like any parties. I loved curling up with a good book. I enjoyed listening to my relatives discuss politics, and even tried to interject when I thought I might have something to offer.

For years, in an effort to connect with people (because I really do like people, after all) I learned how to downplay my discomfort with activities other people appeared to love. I learned how to be a boisterous, confident, multi-tasking achiever.

Unfortunately, my health was the cost. My body started to rebel at my lifestyle. I developed anxiety and insomnia…which festered into physical and emotional exhaustion. The combination of all that burrowed me straight into a legitimate depression.

Through a combination of academic curiosity ( I got a master’s degree in holistic health education) alongside the spirit of experimentation ( I put all that ivory-tower academic information into practice) I gradually started to pull myself up. Through my exploration, I discovered that I have a trait – sensory processing sensitivity – that makes my nervous system more vigilant than the average person. I am not, it turns out, an alien! I’m just one of about 20% of other people who process things deeply. As a consequence, I get more easily overstimulated, feel things intensely, and pick up on subtle stimulus in my environment.

It took a little over a decade, but I finally figured out how to hack my system and live a life that included community, connection and professional stability…AND health, contentment, and a measure of sanity.

Now, I want to help others…fellow HSP’s… cultivate robust health, rewarding relationships, inspired work, financial security and plain old fashioned contentment. Basically I want to put all my personal experience and my academic pig-skin to good use and save others from the decades of work I had to muddle through.

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