The Waiting Game

Have you ever gotten an action photo taken? You know the decide you want a picture of yourself in mid-air? Or mid-run? Or mid...whatever? It’s oddly satisfying when you get it just right. There you are, captured in a photo that is paradoxically static... and always in movement. To look upon it conjures a … Continue reading The Waiting Game

What is the Right Amount of News?

I’m a health coach, by trade. I live and breathe the stuff.  When I wake up in the morning, I begin by removing my pink eye mask and my earplugs. That is to say, I sleep like a damned high-maintenance princess.  I roll out of bed and pull up a yoga exercise video. I get … Continue reading What is the Right Amount of News?

It’s Both And…Not Either Or

I don't know whether this is a uniquely American problem...or if it's more of a universal human problem...but it's amazing to me just how many people fall into the either-or trap. You are either happy in your relationship, or you are not. You are either grateful, or you are striving for more. You are either … Continue reading It’s Both And…Not Either Or

What If You Don’t Have to Work Hard?

We have a philosophy, here, in the United States that paints a picture of what success is supposed to look like. Actually..."paint a picture" is a little soft. Let's say, instead, that we have an algorithm we use in the United States that is intended to mimic what we think success requires. If you work hard, you … Continue reading What If You Don’t Have to Work Hard?


Meet Remi: I have the good fortune to be living with two exceptional roommates: Remi (my dog) and Sasha (my cat).  Remi is a rescue pup. I adopted her when she was just 2 months old. When I filled out the paperwork, the breed section read: chocolate lab and Aussie shepherd. What her paperwork SHOULD … Continue reading Wait…

The Next Best Move:

We Are Living in a Satirical Movie, Right? Is This REAL? I don't know if you are feeling this way, but I kinda feel like we are living in a satirical version of a science fiction thriller. Mel Brooks was a genius with this. A blockbuster video would come out and he'd get to work … Continue reading The Next Best Move:

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up! (What HSP and Cheetah’s Have in Common)

I have been having one hell of a time working up even an iota of creativity or a fraction of my usually abundant "can do" energy. The struggle has been real.  What's odd about it is that only a few weeks ago, I was charged up and ready to go. I had momentum. I had a … Continue reading I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up! (What HSP and Cheetah’s Have in Common)