Friction (noun): The resistance one surface or object encounters when moving over another. Friction (noun) : Conflict or animosity caused by a clash of wills, temperaments, or opinions. I work in the realm of health and naturally I spend time with other health and wellness professionals (us hooey people gots to stick together). And … Continue reading Friction

The Waiting Game

Have you ever gotten an action photo taken? You know the decide you want a picture of yourself in mid-air? Or mid-run? Or mid...whatever? It’s oddly satisfying when you get it just right. There you are, captured in a photo that is paradoxically static... and always in movement. To look upon it conjures a … Continue reading The Waiting Game

Even Introverts Need Community

I love my alone time. As far as I can recall, I have ALWAYS loved my alone time. When I am alone, I am at home. There is no impulse to determine what other people around me might need. I don’t feel the internal tug to regulate other people’s emotions. I’m not walking into a … Continue reading Even Introverts Need Community

Romance in a Time of Covid-19

You don't need me to tell you that we are living in strange times. Everything feels like it's kinda being put on pause. Except... Life is not on pause. Life is going on. It looks different from what we are used to, perhaps. But that doesn't mean anything actually just STOPS. Over the last week or so, … Continue reading Romance in a Time of Covid-19


Dear Fellow Health Nuts... When I say the word "healthy," what comes to mind for you? When I give presentations in the community, the most common answers I get to that question include: Eat plenty of vegetables Exercise Drink water Avoid junk food Meditate Get enough sleep Manage your weight Rarely, if ever, does anyone … Continue reading Loneliness

I Dare You to Love Me…(On Being a Sensation Seeking HSP in Love)

I've always been suspicious of the idea of a "soulmate." I mean...seriously? One person who will meet all your needs forever? And if you don't find said person, you are doomed to loneliness and the feeling of being incomplete? Hmmmm... But I've come around. It turns out, I do have a soulmate. It's solitude. That doesn't … Continue reading I Dare You to Love Me…(On Being a Sensation Seeking HSP in Love)