The Healthy Sensitive Manifesto

The Philosophy…

  1. Health is one of the worthiest endeavors we can strive to cultivate. To be “healthy” is not merely to dodge a diagnosis, narrow one’s waistline or postpone one’s mortality. It is to be whole. It is to court, fall in love with and wed one’s self. And to show up to that relationship every. Single. Day. Always with the hope of becoming a fraction more resilient than one was yesterday. It is to challenge one’s assumptions about what is possible or desirable in this life and ask, always, “are you sure? Could we maybe try this? What if we just went a little further?”
  2. Built into the word “sensitive” is the word “sense” as in – to have sense. It is to be capable of sense-ing. Thus to be sensitive is not to be weak or easily conquered. Rather, to be sensitive is to be quick to respond. It is to be curious and adaptable. Primed for resilience. Tuned in to nuance and subtlety of meaning. Aware. Awake. Alive. Sensitive is not a derogatory word. It’s a useful trait. Our job is to use it, rather than allowing it to use us
  3. To be a Healthy Sensitive means to be balanced. You are open and vulnerable enough to be able to make meaningful connections with people; and you are firm and clear with regard to where your boundaries reside. You know when it is appropriate to test your limitations, and when it’s appropriate to rest. You know when to serve and when to request aid. You know when to speak, and you know when to listen. Your actions reflect integrity – a willingness to practice your values rather than merely give lip service to them. In short, to be a healthy sensitive is to be self-aware, resilient, and honest in word and deed.

The Mission…

  1. Vitality: Help highly sensitive people cultivate robust physical, emotional, and even spiritual health to better navigate the world. 
  2. Relationships: Help HSP’s Communicate more effectively (with their loved ones and with the world at large) so that they can create nourishing relationships and show others a different way of relating.
  3. Work: Help HSP tap into their capital “P” Purpose and work in ways that are in accordance with that. For some, that may mean creating a new career. For others, it may simply mean keeping their day job while cultivating their creative passions on the side. For still others, it may look like giving back and volunteering.
  4. Financial Independence: Partner with HSP to cultivate robust financial health. Many HSP’s are remarkably good at their craft, but struggle to develop financial stability. They are so busy helping others that they forget to keep an eye on their own bank account. We want to change the narrative and encourage all sensitive renegades to feel good about giving and receiving what they are worth.

The Message…

Howard Thurman said it best:  “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” 

I am by no stretch of anyone’s imagination at the finish line of any of my life goals. I plan on being en route for as long as I’ve got a heartbeat. But I will tell you this… When I wake up every morning, I definitely feel fully alive. 

My aim is to help others – especially highly sensitive people and introverts – feel the same. 

We HSP’s and introverts need to stop trying to hide – either behind an extroverted thick-skinned mask or behind closed walls – and instead start living lives that look like us. Because by coming fully alive as ourselves , we do the world a pretty big favor.