Even Introverts Need Community

I love my alone time. As far as I can recall, I have ALWAYS loved my alone time. When I am alone, I am at home. There is no impulse to determine what other people around me might need. I don’t feel the internal tug to regulate other people’s emotions. I’m not walking into a … Continue reading Even Introverts Need Community

It’s Both And…Not Either Or

I don't know whether this is a uniquely American problem...or if it's more of a universal human problem...but it's amazing to me just how many people fall into the either-or trap. You are either happy in your relationship, or you are not. You are either grateful, or you are striving for more. You are either … Continue reading It’s Both And…Not Either Or

What If You Don’t Have to Work Hard?

We have a philosophy, here, in the United States that paints a picture of what success is supposed to look like. Actually..."paint a picture" is a little soft. Let's say, instead, that we have an algorithm we use in the United States that is intended to mimic what we think success requires. If you work hard, you … Continue reading What If You Don’t Have to Work Hard?

How Much Are You Worth?

Girl Has a Vision... When I decided to start my own coaching practice, I had a vision. I wanted to help my fellow HSP's to build lives for themselves that helped them to really come alive (not just... function). I wanted to help highly sensitive people and introverts see themselves as assets to their communities … Continue reading How Much Are You Worth?

Romance in a Time of Covid-19

You don't need me to tell you that we are living in strange times. Everything feels like it's kinda being put on pause. Except... Life is not on pause. Life is going on. It looks different from what we are used to, perhaps. But that doesn't mean anything actually just STOPS. Over the last week or so, … Continue reading Romance in a Time of Covid-19


Meet Remi: I have the good fortune to be living with two exceptional roommates: Remi (my dog) and Sasha (my cat).  Remi is a rescue pup. I adopted her when she was just 2 months old. When I filled out the paperwork, the breed section read: chocolate lab and Aussie shepherd. What her paperwork SHOULD … Continue reading Wait…

The Next Best Move:

We Are Living in a Satirical Movie, Right? Is This REAL? I don't know if you are feeling this way, but I kinda feel like we are living in a satirical version of a science fiction thriller. Mel Brooks was a genius with this. A blockbuster video would come out and he'd get to work … Continue reading The Next Best Move:

The Times They Are A-Changin’

As I write this, it's December 31st, 2019. This transition feels especially auspicious as it marks the dawn of a new year, a new decade, and an American election. It's enough to make me want to cross my fingers and hope we individually and collectively leap in a positive direction (it being leap year and all) and … Continue reading The Times They Are A-Changin’


Dear Fellow Health Nuts... When I say the word "healthy," what comes to mind for you? When I give presentations in the community, the most common answers I get to that question include: Eat plenty of vegetables Exercise Drink water Avoid junk food Meditate Get enough sleep Manage your weight Rarely, if ever, does anyone … Continue reading Loneliness

Emotional Intelligence

Go to a bookstore or local library and head toward the "psychology and self help" section.  You will likely find a plethora of books that speak to "emotional intelligence." Type in the words "emotional intelligence books" in a search engine and you'll find articles like "26 emotional intelligence books." Or "The Top 20 Emotional Intelligence … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence

Rebranding Sensitivity

I can't really speak for other cultures, but from what I have been able to gleam, here, in the United States, the word "sensitive" is seen as derogatory. To be sensitive means you  must be a wall flower or a snowflake. It means you are easy to hurt. You're thin-skinned. You can't handle what life … Continue reading Rebranding Sensitivity

Show Me the Data…

You Gotta Love Science I am utterly enamored with science. Or...maybe it would be better to say that I love the spirit of the scientific process. Think about it. It's basically a process devoted to curiosity and exploration (and just try to convince me that curiosity and exploration aren't worthwhile. I dare you). First: you have a … Continue reading Show Me the Data…