Seven Mindful Questions: Interview with Lisa Nezneski

Feb 4, 2022

Lisa is a pharmacist as well as a certified mindfulness teacher. She has authored two books: “Grounded in Chaos – Leaning into adversity and learning joy” and 7 Mindful Questions: Stop wasting time. Redirect your mind. Focus on what matters.”

In our conversation, we touch on a number of things.

We talk about her personal and professional journey.

We discuss the value of integrating tools from western modern medicine along with traditional modalities and mindfulness practices.

We talk about the importance of living in alignment with our values.

We, of course, spend a good deal of time covering her newest book: Seven mindful questions.   

And more…

Lisa has GENEROUSLY offered some complimentary resources for listeners of the Healthy Sensitive Podcast. You can find the link for that, below. Meditations for the Healthy Sensitive Podcast You can also find Lisa at her main website: