Episode 48: Emotions

We all know the story. In our brains, we are constantly fighting between our emotions and our rationality. It’s why we find instant gratification so alluring (our emotional brain is trying to win out). It’s why we are enamored with characters like Spock (he’s beaten out his emotions). But what if we are wrong? What if everything we thought was true about emotions and the way we express them are …false? What would this mean for research on highly sensitive people? In this episode, we’ll talk about Lisa Feldman Barrett’s research and her book “How Emotions are Made.” We’ll talk about what that means for highly sensitive people (both with respect to how we interpret our own emotions as well as how we interpret the emotions of others.)

Episode 47: Labels

Who are you?

That’s a question that has been plaguing philosophers for years (and one that still pulls at us even now). In this episode, I talk about the kinds of labels we use to describe ourselves (gender, race, class). I invite listeners to gently challenge the idea that any label can fully encapsulate what it means to be you. This is even true for the label of “highly sensitive person.” Use labels only so long as they are useful…and be willing to hold them very lightly.

Episode 46: Networking as an HSP

Okay…you’re an HSP. You’re an introvert. Or maybe you’re both. You’ve decided that you’ve got the stamina (emotional…intellectual…physical) to be an entrepreneur. Or to go after your big D “Dream” job. You’ve amassed all the education you need. Now if you could just find a way to get the word out…

Or maybe you’ve simply decided that your life is lovely and mellow enough that you’d really like to invite some new people into it. Maybe you want a new partner. Or you just want to create a more robust tribe.

My friend…you will have to network. To meet your people you will, in fact, have to meet them.

But how can an HSP do that successfully (without being miserable)? Come and find out.

Episode 45: Building Community as an HSP/Introvert

Many people (even some of us HSP’s) mistakenly think that community is not as important for highly sensitive people and introverts as it might be for extroverted types. But that just isn’t true. We might relish quiet time and solitude, but that doesn’t mean we don’t also need connection. So how do we satisfy both of these needs? How do we embrace what it means to be an introvert while also engaging in social events? How do we gently push the boundaries of our solitude bubble without feeling inauthentic when we do? In this episode we’ll discuss the challenges we face in this area as HSP and strategies that might help marry self acceptance alongside social connection.

Episode 44: Weight Management for HSP’s

What does it really take to lose weight and keep it off? Is it really as simple as “eat less and move more?” Is anyone ever successful at weight loss? What are the specific challenges that introverts and HSP’s face with weight loss? What assets do they bring to the table? These are the questions we cover in this week’s episode.

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Episode 43: I’m Just Curious…

Many self help books talk about how to get “happy,” but ironically…sometimes chasing happiness leads to more of its opposite. Instead, it can be more affective to look at how to develop a meaningful life. One that is rich with purpose. One that is interesting. In this episode, I’ll discuss how and why curiosity may just be the secret ingredient to having a truly rich life (and specifically why that might be important for HSP).
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Episode 42: Travel Like an HSP Pro

Do you ever find yourself in that weird conundrum where you WANT to travel…but you just cringe at the thought of what it will require of you? Well I have good news. You don’t actually have to get completely wiped out in exchange for a few days in a new place. You can even end up feeling relaxed at the end of the journey rather than merely exhausted. Come find out how (I’ll also share some of the tidbits I learned on my most recent conference trip in Boston!)

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Episode 41: Setting Boundaries

It’s great to be open…vulnerable…available. But sometimes being too open can be a serious liability. It can lead us to feel overwhelmed. Overcommitted. Resentful. It leaves others around us feeling confused. What did they do? Why are you so upset? You never complained about doing this before…
This episode is about setting healthy boundaries so that you feel more productive, less stressed and so that you can have much more fulfilling relationships with other people.

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