Episode 29: Thickening Our Highly Sensitive Skin

Highly sensitive people are often dubbed “thin-skinned” by those with a slightly rougher hide. We are told we need to toughen up. For a long time, I have resisted (and many of those I know who are highly sensitive tend to resist this idea as well). But are we maybe missing an opportunity? Is there, perhaps, something to be gained by getting a thicker skin?

Episode 28: The Right Kind of Problems:


We often lament about the challenges that vex us. And just when we have solved one problem, another seems to surface. Is that something we should worry about? Based on my experiences…maybe not. At least – not all the time.

  • The first thing to ask is this: is it possible that the problem I am having is the right kind of problem? For example…
    • You’re worried about the sheer ugliness of your front yard (what might the neighbors think!) – how nice that you have a home with a yard to vex over.
    • You’re worried about traffic. How nice that it isn’t you the paramedics are peeling off the ground. You’re just in line waiting (albeit impatiently) to get off the highway.
    • You’re worried about the lack of time you get with your partner to connect. How love to have a partner to yearn for.
    • A dear friend of mine talked about her experience at Bed Bath and Beyond – they were having an opening at one of their stores. They served caviar. The only trouble was that the crackers didn’t seem to hold it well. She laughed and said “these are the right kind of problems to have…caviar on the wrong shaped crackers.”
  • What problems¬†send you on tilt? How many of them are the “right kind of problems?”

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