Health Coaching FAQ’s

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a profession that evolved from an assumption that you have the answers. You’re really just in need of someone to partner with you and walk with you along your journey. You need an accountability partner. Someone who will ask the right questions and let you know when you appear to be heading off track. You want someone to collaborate with…not someone to take orders from.

What Coaching is Not

  • Coaching is NOT therapy. A therapist’s job is to help you sift through challenges you have had in the past and help you make connections. The objective is to help you figure out how you got where you are today, untangle patterned behavior, and clear the path so that you can move forward. In therapy, most of the conversation is about understanding why you do what you do. Coaching is a profession which helps you to decide what to do next. Therapy is about looking back to see how you got here. Coaching is about help you make a plan to move forward.
  • Coaching is NOT consulting. When you go to a nutritional consultant (for example, a nutritional consultant or business consultant) they are giving you information. They tell you what to do so that you can get ahead. You either agree to take their instructions or not. You’ve basically paid for information. Coaching is what you reach for when the challenge isn’t in knowing the information but implementing that information. Consultants tell you what to do. Coaches hold you accountable to the goals you set.
  • Coaching is NOT personal training. A lot of people, particularly in the wellness industry, mistakenly believe that a “coach” will tell you how to exercise and in what way. That’s a phenomenal profession, but its not coaching. Coaching is about helping you to craft your own ideas about health and fitness and put those ideas into practice.
  • Coaching is NOT education. An educator, once again, is trying to give you information. Educators help you when you don’t know what you don’t know. If you want to eat healthy, and you legitimately don’t know what a healthy meal looks like, then you want someone to help educate you on that. Once you decide that you have the information you need, a coach will help you decide how to prioritize that into actions you can implement.

If you aren’t going to tell me what to do, why should I bother talking to you?

In my coaching practice, I utilize evidence-based techniques (such as motivational interviewing). Research continuously reports that people are not necessarily more likely to follow treatment protocols when they are simply told what to do. It’s only when we are participants and get to…here’s that word again… collaborate with our health plan that we are most likely to follow through. In other words…we don’t usually need more information. And we don’t necessarily like being told what to do (even though most of us THINK we do….we don’t. I’ve got the evidence to prove it). Instead…we simply need accountability to establish habits and behaviors change.

How were you trained?

My training as a coach was within the International Coaching federation (ICF). I trained under Linda Bark in her Wisdom of the Whole Academy. The knowledge I acquired about health and wellness stems from my education at John F. Kennedy University, where I received a Master’s Degree in Health Education with a specialization in nutrition.

Do we meeting in person?

I am happy to meet in person if you happen to be local. But I do most of my coaching sessions over the phone, via text messaging, and over email.

How can I pay you?

I can connect you, directly, through Stripe or Paypal.

What is your policy on refunds?

I offer coaching mostly through packaged sets, as well one month-to-month subscription model. To start coaching, whether you would prefer a package or a month-to-month subscription, you must commit to a 3-month non-refundable coaching cycle.

Once purchased, these services are not refundable.

What kind of “Packages” do you offer?

I offer the following:

  • Monthly coaching subscription (3-month commitment required) includes:
    • Three 45-minute coaching over the phone  each month.
    • Unlimited email and text
    • Discounted rates on all online seminars and classes
  • 6-Month Coaching package Includes:
    • Eighteen 45-minute coaching sessions over the phone
    • Unlimited email and text
    • Discounted rates on all online seminars and classes
  • 12-Month Coaching Package Includes:
    • Thirty-six 45-minute coaching sessions over the phone
    • Unlimited email and text
    • Discounted rates on all online seminars and classes