Finding Your Purpose in Dark Times

Feb 9, 2022

In my last episode, I talked about the importance of having a “something larger” to appeal to during difficult times. After my podcast, my boyfriend asked “but how does one go about finding their “something larger?” I promised I would think on it. A few days later, I facilitated a workshop on “navigating burnout” for HSP’s. After the workshop, someone asked…”yeah…but what if I have been DOING all those things you said are good for me, and I’m STILL burned out?” I realized that while each question was asked in a separate context (and were seemingly unrelated) they were really two sides of the same coin. When we are burned out and cannot go further, that is when we need our something larger. But that same burnout will make finding our “something larger” all the more challenging (if we don’t already have an idea in mind). In this episode, I cover what burnout is, and the common tools used to help ease our suffering around it. I talk about the importance of having, in particular, a “something larger”…and then I discuss the kinds of questions that might help us to find what our “something larger” is when we don’t currently have on in place (or at least don’t think that we do).