Episode 63: “S” is for “Sensitive” Not for “Special”

Feb 9, 2022

When I say I work with “highly sensitive people” I often get one of two responses. I either get “oooohhh…that’s super cool! You mean those super special people that are unique and awesome?” OR I get “Eewwwwwe. That sounds gross. Is it contagious?”

My aim with this podcast is to simply create a conversation about what it is to have a more vigilant nervous system…one that NEUTRALIZES the trait. It comes with some perks as well as some pitfalls.

In this episode, I try and demystify what it is to have “sensory processing sensitivity” and I talk about our strengths…and our weaknesses. In particular, I talk about the importance of WORKING on our challenges to become more robust, well-rounded people.