Group Coaching

We’re creating a space for highly sensitive people to connect and share.

Join a group of fellow HSP’s all exploring what makes us come alive (without getting wiped out).

Invigorate: adopt strategies to recapture your health and vitality.

Insulate: plug up the energy leaks that are making it hard to stay afloat.

Imagine: envision a life that would be inherently energizing so that you don’t have to constantly refuel.

Implement: take your vision and make it a reality…one step at a time.​

We Are Coming Together To…

The Healthy Sensitive Network is a group that brings together ambitious highly sensitive people to create habits and practices that help improve their health so that they can better create, self-regulate, and communicate. We are coming together to create rich and vibrant lives that allow us to have BOTH health AND purpose.

In our community, you will get:

– Access to all virtual, live events

– Access to Master Courses

– An ability to connect with other HSP’s in a safe space (basically…it’s social media without…you know…the social media part)

– An ability to share your expertise and lead discussion groups (should you decide you want to)

A Big Thanks

I cannot express my gratitude enough for your willingness to join us in this mission. Every time you log in and share your wisdom, your challenges, your creativity….you remind the rest of us that we are not alone. Your willingness to be vulnerable, authentic and honest gives us all courage to mirror that back out into the world ourselves. Thank you for your support and for your contribution!