Description: Do you think you need to slink off into a solitary life in order to thrive as an HSP? Think again. You can live BIG. Have great relationships. Build a business. Make the world a better place. All you need is a set of tools to help you recharge effectively and efficiently so that you don’t wipe yourself out in the process. Become a Highly Sensitive Superhero Part I (Building the Foundation) Description: Highly sensitive people often feel like they need to choose between either practicing self care OR having thriving relationships. They have a tendency to want to be givers in their community (which is lovely) but it can feel exhausting. As a result, many feel forced to choose between calm loneliness and isolation OR connection…at the cost of anxiety and overwhelm. But what if you can both have community and vitality? What might that look like? Come find out. Become a Highly Sensitive Superhero Part II (Cultivating Community) Description: A robust compilation of evidence-based strategies and techniques to help you cultivate holistic health and contentment. You’ll hear from voices like Brene Brown, Tal-Ben Shahar, Shawn Achor, and Kelly McGonical. But we will be flexing the information to serve highly sensitive people, in particular. The HSP Well-Being UnBoot Camp Description: A 28-Day Sampler platter of proven strategies that can help you to navigate stressful times with grace and ease (or at least…maybe a good laugh) 28-Day Stress Lift