Coaching in the Emotional Health Space

Feb 4, 2022

Megan Murk is one of those individuals who is irritatingly good at just about whatever she tries. The worst part is that she is also incredibly likable. She is both knowledgeable and wise. She’s confident and humble. It’s part of why she continues to be an effective leader. She has taken that energy and applied it to helping mold the field of health and wellness coaching. Her hope is to help provide more legitimacy in the coaching space and help others who are interested in becoming coaches to have a reliable standard we can all follow. Where she excels, in particular, is in the emotional health and wellness space. In our discussion, we cover:

What coaching is
How coaching has evolved over time
What the difference between coaching and therapy is
How health coaches can effectively move in the emotional health space
How coaches can go about getting certified by bodies that differentiate them.