The Healthy Sensitive Mission Statement

I work with you, my beautiful fellow HSP’s, to develop health practices which help to to feel energized, grounded, and fully alive. THEN we work together to build a life that allows you to fully actualize your big-picture dreams while keeping your health and vitality intact.

As a highly sensitive person you have amazing gifts to share with the world

  • -You notice things other people might miss. You notice the guy on the bus who seems uncomfortable. You notice the flowers starting to bud in your neighbors yard. You notice the hum of the refrigerator in your kitchen. 
  • You are REALLY conscientious. You are probably known as the dependable one. The hard worker. The steady one. The one who won’t ever let the team down.
  • You’re creative. Reflective. Curious. Your tendency to process things deeply allows for you to pick up on nuance and subtlety in your environment…and then share your insights with tremendous clarity.

It’s nothing woo-woo. It’s just a genetic trait.

About 20 percent of people (and of hundreds of other species) seem to have this sensitivity trait. It actually serves the larger population quite well. Being more vigilant allows us to pick up potential threats that others might miss. That’s true with gazelle and its true for us. The only problem is that we don’t currently live in an environment that is supportive to us. We all live in a flashy, fast, highly stimulating, and constantly connected society. It’s exciting! But not great for highly sensitive people.

As a result, many HSP are left thinking…

  • What is wrong with me? Why does everyone else seem to get through work and still have energy to go out for drinks and celebration? I’m exhausted. 
  • I am so frustrated! I want to feel more connected with other people, but by the time work is over, I can barely drum up enough energy to cook a meal. 
  • I know I need to exercise. I would love to lose some weight. But I feel so overwhelmed. 
  • Why am I so anxious all the time? I feel like I’m constantly in a state of buzzing. 
  • I know I need to change something about my life. I want to get healthy, have more time, feel like I am more connected in my relationships…but I don’t know where to start. 
  • I feel uncomfortable in my own skin. One of the few things that I find reliably relaxes me is a quiet meal at home. But I sometimes wonder if I’m relying too much on food as a source of comfort. 
  • I am in a constant fog. I see people who are vibrant and happy. I KNOW I’m capable of that kind of happiness. I know it because I feel it in spurts throughout the day. I am easily moved into a smile. A hug from a friend. A kind word from a loved one….it all helps! But I want to make a life that allows me to feel that more often during the day. Is that even possible? 

That’s where I come in! 

Trust me, as a highly sensitive person, myself, I know full well how challenging it can be to balance work, health, time alone, and time spent with the people I care most about. Sometimes it feels almost impossible. But the good news…is that it’s absolutely possible. 

As a certified coach, nutrition professional, and educator, I can help you to…

  • Fall in love with your fabulous, quirky sensitive self
  • Create routines to help you cultivate robust health (think energizer-bunny status)
  • Stay on plan, even when you lose steam, feel lost and want to fold
  • Develop effective communication strategies and healthy  boundaries so you can actually enjoy your relationships.
  • Learn how to avoid potentially toxic relationships altogether.
  • Figure out the stuff that’s sucking the life out of you (so that you can let it go)
  • Discern what you’re actually passionate about and what kinds of personal projects you want to complete.
  • Build financial health (and ultimately financial freedom) so you can have more autonomy and control over your life.